With positive, connective, female empowerment groups & specific health awareness events via our own in-house, dedicated social enterprise team!


We have chosen to use a proven, tried & tested, highly successful global business formula. High quality customer service will be placed front & centre within all “LIFECHANGER” operations.


“LIFECHANGER” will market only a very small selection of in house high quality products to support our market leading, specialist CBD solutions partners.

Why? In business, especially online, if you offer too many options, people simply wont buy! The shopping channels, when they first came on the air in the 90’s, learned very quickly, that too many choices simply leads to indecision in the watcher!

Our competitors can’t see that; So we can take advantage!

Go online & look at the big companies websites;

Page after page of confusing, numerous products, types & sizes; All within a supermarket -shop style platform!

Just greedy, short sighted businesses with poor, un-imaginative content; content (where it does exist), which is simply a static billboard, lost on the net, in a sea of look-alike one-dimensional competitors!

All of them fighting it out with each other, in order to sell whatever they can, for as much as they can, as quickly as they can!

It’s shamefully poor! But great for those who can see what’s needed…Remember Bill Gates saying, “See what’s coming & get there first!”

So “LIFECHANGER” will offer just 3 high quality, 100% organic, full spectrum, EU regulated, CBD products under the company name of “Circle of Life”…& brand name of “Red Witches Elixir.”


We will of course, offer different flavours & sizes; And there will be buying discounts for regular subscriptions.

These three products will be marketed within the diverse “LIFECHANGER” ailment -illness - disease content pages, video-audio dramas & shows…

Promoted as solutions to the specific individual ailment information or stories on that particular page or within a particular video or audio link….


We won’t go anywhere near un-imaginative, one dimensional landing pages filled with confusing product lists.

“LIFECHANGER” will offer one specific, targeted, high quality, CBD solution for each specific ailment, either via a market leading CBD partner or through our own “Red Witches” brand;

All the right specific ailment solutions, to help thousands of women with that one particular health issue that matters to them most!

“LIFECHANGER” labels itself under “Red Witches Elixir”

Hope — Health — Happiness

Assisting thousands of women of all age groups…

within a socially aware, pro-active female empowerment banner…

Within the “LIFECHANGER” health content information network & YouTube channels!

Directly targeting & connecting with the main decision maker within each family unit: Grandmothers, mums, wives, daughter’s, sisters, girlfriends…All of whom desire nothing more than to protect their own health & the health of their loved ones (family members).

Branding & General Strategy…


The management team recognise the need to be highly innovative when choosing CBD dispensers…

We intend making our brand an accessory for women to carry where ever they go, instead of a standard bottle that often just sits in the cupboard in the bathroom.

Using a spray instead of droplets under the tongue disperses the oil more rapidly and is not only easier to use it’s also absorbs into the system faster.

By focusing on one simple well made attractive product that works, we intend following a select few of top global companies who follow this business model.

Highly successful business formula for immediate success.

The concept of refillable bottles into classy, sleek looking dispensers where a customer can choose their own colour spray dispenser to fit their personality..

They can be easily stored in a handbag or sports bag… so its accessible at all times..

Standard “Red Witches Elixir” 10ml dispensers will be partnered with either a 10ml or 30ml filler bottle within the package to the customer at 10%-20% under brand leader prices.


A selection of vape juices with 100% safe, high grade CBD components will be made available within the “Red Witches Elixir” brand and sold at maximum profit to the business as soon as cashflow allows.

Vaping is an excellent way to de-stress or take in your chosen nicotine or herbal CBD supplement and will be promoted daily on the “LIFECHANGER” YouTube channel.

Product partnerships for vape pipes and pens with these companies will be built into significant partnership revenues to add extra value to our bottom line.


What an example…How to build a global business!

They market & sell just one product. And just two kinds of that one product; Regular & sugar free energy drinks! Its a brilliant example to follow. No indecision, no confusion, you either buy it or you don’t… & millions do!

Red Bull’s whole focus is on a socially aware, global promotions business strategy based around exercise, sports & keeping fit & healthy…

And this all funded by a drink filled to the brim with taurine, which is a high concentrate, extremely addictive, caffeine supplement which damages your heart!

Yet, they are selling the stuff by the bucket load & presenting themselves in a very direct, positive, socially conscious way. Check out their website above or their Wiki page below…

And you can see exactly how they promote themselves!

With many businesses there is only so much you can say. If they’re not creating outdated, outbound “shout at people” marketing & advertising campaigns then what else is there?

We, of course don’t have that problem, as we have incredibly diverse, emotive, connective subjects-topics-issues to talk about & share.

Things that really matter to people….


So when I say…. What we have here is very special! You can take that to the bank.

Because even though, in the past, many millions of people around the world have been brainwashed over the negative effects of cannabis on society…

We can & will change that false perception through the “LIFECHANGER” online content, digital pathway platforms & individual ailment health communities…

And by doing all this, we can take control of the conversation & authority within a new, dynamic, ever changing 50 billion pound “boom” market.

Remember…Red Bull sell soft drinks; they tell us It gives us wings! So what more is their to they say?

Yet they are able to create a whole world of adventures, stories & social culture thinking..

By promoting & sponsoring social issues, sporting events & emotive charities that excite & energise a community of millions of fun loving people!

Things like scouting the arctic, cliff diving, Indian dance culture, global surfing, inline skating & of course, their two Formula 1 motor racing teams?

They have created an aura around who they are! And boy, does it work! The management team of Red Bull are held back only by the scope of their imagination.

So, we at “LIFECHANGER”, will seek to do the same, & just like Red Bull, we are only held back by the limits of our desire to impact the world around us.

“LIFECHANGER” will create an ethos, a culture & an energy, that inspires millions of women to take action, all over the world!

Customer Service Culture & Apple Inc!

if you are a products company in the twenty first century, how important is it to give top quality customer service?…Pretty bloody important, I’d say!

Steve Jobs launched the revolutionary multi-touch technology iPhone in 2007.

It transformed the tele-coms industry & launched the world into an incredible new era of personal communications.

But did you know that when he gave that intro launch presentation, the iPhone didn’t work! He actually had 8 iPhones hidden on the lectern & cleverly conned the audience into believing he was demonstrating functionality from just one phone.

Every time he changed a page to show a new function, he secretly changed phones. Crazy right! Apple had a return rate of 19% for the first 3 years the iPhone was in production.

That means 1 in 5 phones was useless & didn’t work! Even today, Apple have the highest return rate of any phone company in the world & yet they command the lions share of the market! Why is that?

Their customer service is second to none. If someone wants to talk to them, they are there, in a flash!

If they want a refund, they get one, no questions asked. if they want a product changed again… No problem! Its done by return of post.

In short… They run the most effective customer service operations in the world! And the benefits of that is an incredibly loyal customer base who are prepared to pay over the odds, in order to stay with a brand & a company that treats them so well!

“LIFECHANGER” will copy that customer service policy! It may cost us a little more in the short term…. But long term, our reputation & credibility, as the number one authority within the industry, will remain second to none!

What’s In A Name?

The top manufacturer here in the UK is a company called Canexen. Try saying that 5 times really quickly! It sounds like an industrial solvent.

In America the biggest online retailers are called Canna & Elixinol. On their multiple product buying pages they push hemp as a major product line; I ask you…

What possible motivation would ordinary hard working mum’s, wives, daughter’s & girlfriend’s have, to introduce a product into their home that conjures up an image of a glue sniffing pot head!

Talk about amateur hour!

“LIFECHANGER” (Female Empowerment) Media Network”….

In Partnership With…

“Circle of Life” Hope-Health-Happiness “Red Witches Elixir” CBD (3H) labels;

Who would you rather buy from?….Enough Said!




Chief Executive Officer of Life Changer Media

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Steve Phillips

Chief Executive Officer of Life Changer Media

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